Nature & Poems


Création Baumann presents the 2019 Collection “Nature & Poems”



The linen item with the casual look is full of character. A multi coloured warp unites with a uni coloured weft yarn to generate subtle interwoven colours breaking colour clarity
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The combination of weft and warp yarns in different tints give the item a refined, irregular texture. 
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Fine, irregular weft stripes are the hallmark of this linen item. The delicately textured warp gracefully breaks the severity of the weft stripes.
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Weave and yarn colours create fine, regular dots. The clear grid texture of the linen weave is given a beautifully soft feel and drape qualities.
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Classic warp and weft satin in linen with a contemporary, casual finish. Depending on the colour setting, the bold linear grid pattern, which looks as if it had been drawn by hand, stands out more or less strongly.
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Classic warp and weft satin in linen with a contemporary, casual finish. The fine dots, which look as if they had been painted by hand, give the item a fresh and youthful air. 
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The irregular weave, the melange texture of the yarn and the soft feel underline the natural wool like character of the fabric.
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The understated, uni coloured jacquard weave combines two different weave textures. Dense woven leaf motifs spread freely across an open net texture.
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Transparent curtain fabric in Trevira CS with a bold print design. Blooms and leaves in various degrees of abstraction are spread across the entire area in an easy and relaxed arrangement.
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Upholstery fabric with a formation based ornamental design. Leaf like shapes group together into stylised blooms to disperse again in the area.
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The fine, diagonal ribs and the natural colouring make for a classic elegant entrance both for private and public interiors.
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Pure earth – pure linen. The irregular Jacquard texture is given added emphasis with different colours for warp and weft.
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Extravagant eye catcher which elegantly sets the scene with its materials and its design. Bold window roses align to form a decorative grid pattern.
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Transparent curtain fabric with striking net look. The bold design and sporadic, slight irregularities are reminiscent of a hand knotted net.
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